Friday, June 29, 2012


I have had several gifts sent to me this past week! I must admit too my favorite is the Hitachi wand. I have been using it at least 3 or 4 times a day. It makes me cum soooooo hard! Its interesting to me, when I told a couple of Masters who were being pushy about assuming they were already my Master, that it would take more then just them stating that they "are" my Master to be my Master. I guess they assumed that meant they had to buy me. Dont get me wrong ....I love the gifts....and they do demonstrate earnest responsibly....but a Master must also be able to present a mental presence in his slaves mind. He needs to set her limits, goals, and chores.

Deep sighs......

When will I ever find my own true Master?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A challenge to those who wish to be my Master.

There are those who wish to be my Master. I like most of them very well. They often insist too that I am theirs. However. Not one of these would be Masters have done anything that would convince me that they are the Master I deserve. There are many things they could do to demonstrate their abilities of being a Master to me. The list is endless. My Master must be smart and enticing. A Master must be able to met the needs of his slave. All of their slaves needs, on every level, be those needs be mental physical spiritual or emotional.
I have many men (pretend Masters) who like to call me a slut and slip their cocks into my little cunt. They like to tell me to shut up and to take what they are giving me. Which I enjoy being used very much, being the slut I am. Then there are a few men that could actually be a good Master for me. I will not accept less then what I deserve as a slave. I am a slave who will dedicate herself to her Masters pleasure. I will not accept a Master that cant see that I dont have to serve him, that I choose to serve him, that I serve him because he has my loyalty and dedication to his pleasure. He must be worthy of my worship of him as my Master. My Master will do more then just announce he is my Master. He will put forth the effort of acquiring a slave of my caliber. I know my worth and my Master need to recognize that worth in me. If a Master cant respect that need in me, then you will not be my Master.