Friday, November 9, 2012

Best in show....

So I went to this party with about 100 slaves.Some were being spanked, some were sucking cock, some were taking it in the was pretty hot. The neat thing about this party though...was the Masters and Mistress were in a competition to decide who had the best showing slave. They were prancing them around a arena on their leashes and having the judges put them through their paces. Because I don't have a Master to show me, I couldn't compete. I sure did want to though! Who knows....maybe soon! Would you like to be my Master? Call me on NF and lets see if you have what it takes.

Monday, November 5, 2012

My goal to be Top Whore

Been a awesome weekend! I had a train! One after another and there were women too! Talk about hot and naughty! I was used well and shown just how to be a proper slut. I hope to obtain the title of Top Whore one day. Do you think I will achieve my goal? Call me on Nite Flirt and help me out with being a better whore.

Friday, November 2, 2012

So how would you take me? What would you do first? What would you teach me? How would I serve you? Call me on Nite Flirt and command me as you please.....I am so willing to obey.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Have been being naughty!

This last week has been incredible! I have enjoyed getting fucked in all of my holes by several guys and a couple girls! My back side is still stinging from my last spanking! I have to say my favorite activity this past week was deep throating all that cock! The muscles in my throat have really been getting a work out! You can call me on NF and hear me practice too!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

You Might Be A Wannabe (Subs)

If you don't know what "R/L" means... you might be a Wannabe

If you think it's not necessary to communicate what you need or want to your Dom because what you want is not important... you might be a Wannabe

If you've never considered the possibility that your online Master is really a 14-year-old named Jason... you might be a Wannabe.

If you think being collared and spanked online qualifies you as an experienced sub... you might be a Wannabe.

If you think you have no limits... you might be a Wannabe

If you think using your safeword means you're not a "real" sub... you might be a Wannabe

If you consent to wearing a Dom/Domme's brand at your first R/L session with Him or Her... you might be a Wannabe

If you think bruises and broken limbs are standard bdsm might be a Wannabe

If you think you must have total respect for anyone who calls himself/herself Dom/Domme... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the best sub is the one who can stand the most pain... you might be a Wannabe

If you think R/L is just like cyber... you might be a Wannabe

If you consent your first live meet with a Dom/me without using a safety net... you might be a Wannabe

If you think being a sub is all about being abused... you might be a Wannabe

If you think CBT means "Come and Bring Toys"... you might be a Wannabe

If you have to remove your collar so your Master can walk his dog... you might be a Wannabe (and your Dom is really cheap)

If you think sub-space is the cage a Dom keeps His or Her sub in... you might be a Wannabe

If you think enemas are only given for medicinal might be a Wannabe

If you think submission means never saying "no"... you might be a Wannabe

If you have to spit out your chewing tobacco before you can be gagged... you might be a redneck as well as a Wannabe

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Might Be A Wannabe (Doms)

If you ever use the phrase "A real sub wouldn't have a problem doing that"... you might be a Wannabe If you think the word "submissive" means the same thing as "easy"... you might be a Wannabe

If you think leading your sub around by a leash in the supermarket is appropriate entertainment for everyone... you might be a Wannabe

If you think it's perfectly acceptable to address all submissives as "slut"... you might be a Wannabe

If you think SSC stands for "See Submissives Cower" might be a Wannabe

If your vanity plate reads "MSTR-2-U"... you might be a Wannabe

If you enter a chat room and command all the subs to call you Sir... you might be a Wannabe

If you're trying to book a flight to GOR... you might be a Wannabe

If you think all subs put out on the first date... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the only purpose for nipple piercing is to have a place to hang your car keys... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the GOR novels are based in fact... you might be a Wannabe

If you can't understand why a sub refuses to meet you for the first time alone at your place... you might be a Wannabe

If you think limits are nothing you need to consider seriously... you might be a Wannabe

If you think safewords are for sissies... you might be a Wannabe

If you think placing a "Sir" or "Master" in front of your nick name automatically makes you a Dom... you might be a Wannabe

If you think R/L is just like cyber... you might be a Wannabe

If you think using lube for fisting or anal play is too kind... you might be a Wannabe (or a really mean sadist)

If you have to constantly refer to the owner's manual to use your toys... you might be a Wannabe

If you think Dom's can't show their feelings and need to be cold and aloof... you might be a Wannabe

If you have any reason to fear ATF Agents could confiscate your toys... you might be a Wannabe

If you think the KGB Interrogation Manual is the definitive "how to" book for BDSM... you might be a Wannabe.

If you think sterile needles for play piercing are too expensive to only use once... you might be a Wannabe

If household items don't inspire you (wooden spoons, clothespins, etc.)... you might be a Wannabe

If you think electricity play consists of plug in socket/exposed wires touching sub... you might be a Wannabe

If you think a bullwhip is the best choice for a warm up tool... you might be a Wannabe

Monday, October 8, 2012

A funny little piece of information!

Q: Sometimes when I'm having sex, my vagina makes a noise like I'm passing gas. What causes it, and how can I prevent it? A: This noisy emission is air escaping your vagina. "When you're aroused, your vagina expands to allow room for your partner's penis," explains Barbara Keesling, PhD, author of Sex So Great She Can't Get Enough. "His thrusting during intercourse pushes air into you, which fills the space in the inner part of your vagina that has expanded. A shift in body position or a deep thrust can force that air out, resulting in the fartlike sound." It's also possible to queef postorgasm, when air is expelled as the vagina returns to its prearoused state.

Friday, October 5, 2012

What do you think?

Does my ass look like it should be fucked, spanked, or both? Call me on Nite Flirt and we can make it happen for you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I was wondering about this!

As much as I enjoy anal sex I was wondering... Can anal sex give me hemorrhoids?

Not as long as you’re relaxed and enjoying it. Hemorrhoids (painful swollen veins in the anal area) can result from excess pressure around your anus – say, when you’re really straining to go to the bathroom. But when you use a good lubricant and the penetration feels comfortable – not forced – there’s no risk of anal sex causing hemorrhoids. In fact, some sex researchers believe tush play may actually prevent hemorrhoids. “It improves the strength and flexibility of the skin and muscles so that the anus is better able to respond to pressure, rather than bulging and producing hemorrhoids.”

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can certain exercises really lead to better sex?

Absolutely. For starters, a good cardiovascular routine helps build energy and stamina. Strength training and stretching can help you build muscles and improve your flexibility so you can get into – and maintain – various positions during sex. The best exercise to improve sex is the Kegel squeeze – basically strength training for your pubococcygeus (or PC) muscles, which hold up your vagina, anus, uterus, bladder and urethra. “The stronger these muscles are, the more intense your orgasms will be,” says Chicago sex and relationship therapist Laura Berman, Ph.D., author of The Passion Prescription (Hyperion). To locate your PC muscles, try to stop your urine flow when you pee. Hold the squeeze for five seconds, then release. Doing 50-150 Kegel squeezes a day will help keep those muscles in good shape. Don’t do Kegels regularly while urinating, because it can lead to urinary tract and bladder infections.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something I found interesting.

Since almost the dawn of time, people have bestowed sexual powers on various foods, plants, scents, drugs, and devices. Among the most legendary are oysters (they do contain lots of sperm-friendly zinc) and green M&M's, which has no basis in reality! Legendary is the use of Spanish fly or cantharides. Made from dried beetle remains, its reaction is linked to an irritation of the urogenital tract, causing sex organs to become engorged with blood. But Spanish fly is also a poison that can burn the mouth and throat, lead to urinary infections and scarring, and sometimes death. More recently, studies at Chicago's Smell and Taste Research Foundation found the smell of black licorice and doughnuts increased penile blood flow by 32%, while lavender and pumpkin pie boosted response to 40%. In women, vaginal blood flow was increased by smelling a combination of cucumbers and candy, while the smell of cherries, barbecue meat, and men’s colognes caused a decrease. Some researchers however, debate the integrity of these findings. In animal studies a substance known as yohimbine, obtained from the bark of an African tree, had results that the FDA has called "promising." But the FDA maintains there is no conclusive evidence that this, or any aphrodisiac, works on people.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Slip on in....

Cum and take what you want. I am waiting for you on Nite Flirt. Wet hot and horny.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you know the answer.....

.... If you know the answer email me and I will send you a couple free minutes to call me on Nite Flirt.
Whats the body part has the most sensitivity?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spank me...

Wouldn't you like to spank my sweet young ass? I want you to. I need you too. What are you waiting for? Call me on Nite Flirt and I will do as you command me to and use my paddle on my creamy white flesh.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I just washed my car. I had to get the car ready to go to the Braves game Saturday with some friends! I also enjoyed teasing my male neighbors. I am hoping my next door neighbor, Mrs Lane, saw me teasing her husband! The things she will do to me and then the things she will let her husband do to me! OMG!!!Cant wait! Call me on Nite Flirt and I will tell you all about them!

Call Button

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mistress or Master I mind my p’s and q’s. Its what any good submissive like me does. Luckily I was on my best behavior when Mistress Erica decided she wanted to play with me! Mistress likes spanking her girls. She very carefully placed me across her lap and began to spank me gently. Mistress is always gentle, but dont let that deceive you! Before she completes a spanking she has progressively gotten harder and harder with her swats. She goes slow at first to allow my bumm to warm up properly. And when she is done, my ass is stinging and hot and I am so fucking wet and needy. Just the way she wants it too. I am to be her dinner! She eats me better then any man ever has. When she makes me cum she wants me squirting. Then the Mistress licks my pussy clean from all of its juices. When she finishes she wipes her lips carefully and tells me what a good sub slut I have been. I swear I love serving her.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I went home with my best friend for the weekend. We went out shopping with her daddy at the mall. I found this watch and I just didn't have the money for it. He saw how much I liked the watch and bought it for me! I was jumping around and hugging him when I heard him whisper in my ear. He told me that I could show him my appreciation later, after my girlfriend had went to bed. I stepped back with a wicked grin. He was hot and very dominate. I couldn't wait to see what he would have me do to show him my appreciation! That night I slipped out of my girlfriends room and down the hall to his.....Call me on Nite Flirt and I will tell what happened!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So am single again. I had hoped I had a master, but I guess life happens and he just wasn't the one for me. Its okay though. I still get to have phone sex with lots of guys. Maybe one day I will find my prince charming master! I cant wait either. I would met him at the door on my knees to great him properly with my mouth and throat. I would keep my self well groomed for all his desires. Oh I cant wait to be spanked with a Masters discipline. I would be the ever dedicated slave too.
Suppose I will go to Cherry's party this weekend. To cheer me up. She said she needed a few friends to serve as slaves. Plus I love getting multiple cocks at the same time. Maybe I will get to have some sweet pussy too. Yeah....thats what I will do. I mean what else is a single cute subbie slave to do?

Friday, July 13, 2012

I want to play with you.....

So I am sitting here getting so horny. I have been shopping around for a good Master who I could serve his needs and yet have him be able to see to my needs, as his slave. I just havent found one that takes me seriously. Is it cause I giggle maybe? I know I am cute enough. I have a hot body and a tight little pussy. I know I am a dedicated submissive. Why cant I find my own true Master. Anyone have any suggestions?

Friday, June 29, 2012


I have had several gifts sent to me this past week! I must admit too my favorite is the Hitachi wand. I have been using it at least 3 or 4 times a day. It makes me cum soooooo hard! Its interesting to me, when I told a couple of Masters who were being pushy about assuming they were already my Master, that it would take more then just them stating that they "are" my Master to be my Master. I guess they assumed that meant they had to buy me. Dont get me wrong ....I love the gifts....and they do demonstrate earnest responsibly....but a Master must also be able to present a mental presence in his slaves mind. He needs to set her limits, goals, and chores.

Deep sighs......

When will I ever find my own true Master?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A challenge to those who wish to be my Master.

There are those who wish to be my Master. I like most of them very well. They often insist too that I am theirs. However. Not one of these would be Masters have done anything that would convince me that they are the Master I deserve. There are many things they could do to demonstrate their abilities of being a Master to me. The list is endless. My Master must be smart and enticing. A Master must be able to met the needs of his slave. All of their slaves needs, on every level, be those needs be mental physical spiritual or emotional.
I have many men (pretend Masters) who like to call me a slut and slip their cocks into my little cunt. They like to tell me to shut up and to take what they are giving me. Which I enjoy being used very much, being the slut I am. Then there are a few men that could actually be a good Master for me. I will not accept less then what I deserve as a slave. I am a slave who will dedicate herself to her Masters pleasure. I will not accept a Master that cant see that I dont have to serve him, that I choose to serve him, that I serve him because he has my loyalty and dedication to his pleasure. He must be worthy of my worship of him as my Master. My Master will do more then just announce he is my Master. He will put forth the effort of acquiring a slave of my caliber. I know my worth and my Master need to recognize that worth in me. If a Master cant respect that need in me, then you will not be my Master.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Dr's Visit

So I had a Dr.'s visit and I was feeling particularly naughty. I shoved a butt plug in my ass before I went to my visit. My ass is so tight that I could hold the plug in without panties. I wore my shortest skirt and no bra under my little tight t-shirt. The nurse who took me back to see the Dr. had that contemptuous look on her face. I giggled at her sour puss look.

The Dr. wasn't long for coming in and he got a real eye full when he walked in. I could see his cock swelling up as he sat down. I was giggling hard for a moment. When he asked what what was I visiting for I told him....I have something stuck in my ass. So I slipped off the table, turned around, leaned on the table, and pulled my skirt up.....I asked him if he thought he could get it out. I loved it! The shocked look on his face was priceless. Before I could giggle again, he had his dick out and had replaced my butt plug with his dick in my ass! He had my t-shirt pulled up letting my little titties bounce with each of his pounding thrust. I felt his load fill my ass up as he groaned out his pleasure telling me what a whore I was.

I was so pleased! My goal in life is to be a slut any Master would be proud of! Would you be proud to have me?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Applying for the position of Master

I was sitting in my little nightie waiting for a call on Nite Flirt. I had my toys all ready to play. Everyone knows I am looking for a Master who will really fill all my needs. I have several that are actively applying for the position of being my Master. It would not do to have a Master who wasn't happy with his slave or a slave not happy with her Master.
Please know I am not trying to compare each Master, but respecting each Master while I am searching for my perfect Master, as much as I would be his dedicated slave.
So I was trilling my butt plug when the phone rang and it was a rather pleasant Sir. He chatted with me for a while which was nice, but I was hot and horny and didn't really want to chat. I wanted to pound my pussy with that thick dildo I just bought at the toy store. I kept trying to nudge and push Sir in the direction of playing. The Sir on the phone understood this, I would later realize. I am still pouting over this call. *giggles* Its the first time a Master punished me with perfect justice.
He allowed me to fuck my little cunt hard, but said I wasn't allowed to cum. Not yet. Then He had me tease and torture my nipples till I thought I would loose my mind and still he did not allow me to cum. I was enjoying myself very much and couldn't wait to be allowed to cum. For over a hour He had me fucking myself and teasing my nipples and clit. Then He told me to force the butt plug into my ass hard and fast. It hurt some, but OMG. It was all I could do not to cum! Then I heard the Master cumming.....hard. I knew then He was going to let me cum. I just knew he would. He told me to pull out the plug and to put my toys away. I don't think my jaw could have hit the ground any harder. I was shocked. The Master informed me that he was not going to permit my cumming since I had tried so hard to push him into doing what I wanted. He explained, that it is for a Master alone to decide what is permitted and achieved alone; not for a spoiled slave to enjoy her pleasure.
As much as I hated admitting it.....Sir was right. I deserved my punishment. I cant wait till He calls back! Maybe Sir will be forgiving and allow me to cum for His pleasure!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I haven't chosen a Master.

I haven't chosen a Master. I have been enjoying the company of many Sir's looking for just the right one. See I need one that is very special and patient. Some Masters have only one slave or he may have a den of them. I don't know what kind of Master that I want....not yet. So I have been doing this Nite Flirt thing now for little while. I learn so much from the Sirs who call me. I enjoy it loads! No pun intended.
So I got this call last night from a Sir who instructed me to get a paddle and a dildo. He told me to be completely naked and to sit in a chair with my legs spread high and wide letting my legs rest on the chairs arms. This was going to teach me about the pleasure of being very well paddled. I really thought he was going to have me paddle the hell out of my ass ....but that isnt what he did.
He said that I was to start spanking my self in one place ten times starting with one of my ass cheeks firmly, but that it was not to be too hard that it stung me, not yet anyways. After each cluster of ten spanks I was to move on to another spot on my ass, inside my thighs, or my pussy. He told me to begin and that I was not to stop spanking myself until he said so.
After ten minutes my arm burned and I switched hands and continued non stop switching hands as I needed too. After twenty minutes I felt my whole underside being heated. After a half of a hour I was soaking wet with my own juices. I was ready to beg to stop spanking myself so I could use my toy. The Sir only chuckled when I dared to ask him if I could switch to my toy. At forty five minutes I was covered in perspiration and my ass burned as much as my cunt cried out for release. I was begging the Sir to allow me to fuck myself. At last, he allowed me his permission to come as soon as I was able. My dildo had hardly penetrated my cunt before I came so hard my eyes rolled back into my head. I was thanking Sir ever so gratefully when he said that I was to continue to fuck myself steadily until he gave me permission to stop. I was allowed to cum as many times as I could, but I was not to stop fucking myself. I had came twice more at ten minutes. After fifteen I thought I would lose my mind. Then at a half of hour I couldn't stop cumming. My ass and thighs were still burning as much as my clit was swollen and convulsing.
The Sir was chuckling as I begged him to allow me to stop. I was exhausted. Finally he did allow me to stop. OMG I couldn't stand up for the shaking of my body. I was still cumming and my chair was soaked to the point I had a puddle of fluid on it.I loved it and cant wait for Sir to call back!
I sure hope other Sir's call to teach me other lessons that are just a pleasurable!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pleasing my new boss.

My new boss, Mr. Cigam, seems to be fair and kind. He is a little old and he was bald. His voice was soft and gentle. I like him very well. So when he asked me to work after closing last night I said yes. I had all the doors locked and the store closed when he told me to come to his office.
He was doing paper work when I walked in. I let Mr Cigam know I was there. I dont think he hears well at all, him being older and all. He looked up and smiled at me, then he reached over and took my hand and pulled me into his lap. I asked him what he was doing then I felt his hand on my breast. He told me that I had kept his dick hard all day and that I needed to please him! I was shocked! Sweet old Mr. Cigam was a dirty old man!
I started giggling and let him unbutton my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra so he was able to get my nipple in his mouth quickly. MMMmmm Mr. Cigam had a nice tongue! He had his hand slipping under my skirt and past my panties playing with my little pussy before I knew it!
He said he knew I was gonna be a good little girl and let him enjoy my body. And I did! I wanted to please Mr Cigam! I sat on the desk and spread my legs wide letting him taste my sweet cunt. He had me screaming out in a orgasm so quickly! As soon as I came he told me to get on my knees and to suck his cock. I quickly did as he said. His dick was short, but thick so I was deep throating him easily as he pushed my head onto his cock. He told me he was gonna shoot his load soon and that I was not to waste a drop of it! And I didn't, even though his load was huge! He kept cumming and cumming! I swallowed ever drop!
I was giggled when Mr. Cigam said that I would be getting a raise......and that I would be working late nights often!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The watcher....

I had checked him out many times. He was well built and wore leather so delectably. I also knew he watched me. He would boldly stand on his balcony looking straight into my bedroom watching me. He was older by about twenty years. Still.... something about how he held strong and sure. He turned me on with a glance!

A couple days ago Bobby came over and we both were in need of some sexual releases. I knew my neighbor was there watching me, but it didn't stop me. I got onto my hands and knees on my bed, submitting. I was naked and waiting for Bobby to begin. My watcher stood there wearing leather pants and no shirt. He was so hot looking! I watched him as Bobby took of his belt. My watcher rubbed the front of his pants and I could see he was excited.
I cried out as Bobby's belt stuck me across my ass, stinging and warming my flesh and exciting me. His belt stuck several times making me wetter and wetter. He struck my legs several times as well before he shoved his fat cock in my cunt. I was screaming out my orgasm as my watcher shot his load.

Bobby kept right on fucking me. My watcher nodded his head to me and went inside. I had pleased him. Now that was a pleasure!

Friday, April 20, 2012

After class....

I sat staring at my instructor as he droned on over some history noone cared about. I was deep in my fantasy. He asked me to stay after class. I knew he was angery at me because I wasnt paying attention. My little cunt was wet and juciy with need and all I wanted was to cum.
 After everyone left, my instructor instucted me to bend over his desk! I moved slowly wary of what he was going to do! I slowly bent over his desk faceing away from my instructor. He told me not to turn around and that if I did my punishment would be worse! I almost screemed out in panic. I knew why he was punishing me, but he wasnt allowed to punish me like this! Then I felt him pull my short skirt up and my little ruffled panties down to my knees. My little creamy ass was exposed and I knew my instructor could see how wet my panties were too! He seemed to be comtemplating something and then I felt the first of many soild thwacks on my sweet little ass. My instructor was using a yard stick to spank me! I begged him to stop with each stinging swat. I heard him chuckle as he stuck my soft cheeks again. He told me I was getting 100 licks and that I was getting all of them!  My creamy ass was soon cherry red and even though it hurt, I was getting so wet! When at last my insructor reached 100 swats, I heard his pants being unzipped!

Then I woke up out of my class room day dream! ......And my instructor was telling me that I must stay after class!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My first experiment with another girl!

I was hanging out with Cherry (You may know her as Wild Cherry from Nite Flirt!) She and her Master were going to a special club and invited me to go. I had never been to this club before and I was so excited. I always have such fun with Cherry

Cherry was helping me dress....or in this case.... undress for the club! We had just a pedicure and wax. It was a all over wax! I was totally hairless but for my head! My skin felt a bit sore so Cherry took pity on me and rubbed this lovely smelling lotion all over my body, paying special attention to my pussy and tiny asshole.

I was laying face down on this table with my legs spread wide. Her hands felt lovely on my sore skin! So much so my nipples were hard and wanting. When her finger slipped into my little ass I jumped in surprise, but soon found I liked her finger there! She kept massaging and rubbing my ass and the puckered entry making me wet and needy. I moaned allowed and then asked her what she was doing.

That's when I felt Cherry's hot tongue on my clit! She was eating my little pussy ! OMG it was wonderful! I knew Cherry liked girls, but I had never tried it! She kept massaging and rubbing my ass as she licked and sucked my little cunt. Oh but I knew she was going to make me cum! I screamed out in my orgasm and heard Cherry giggling. She told me she couldn’t resist such a fresh pussy and then she and I finished getting dressed for the club!

I wore a thin slip of a dress. It was so short you could almost see my naked pussy.....almost! Cherry said I was not to wear any panties or even a bra. So all I wore was the dress that was hardly even there! Then to match the dress I had a pair of very strappy four inch heels. I felt like a Greek sex goddess.

Cherry still had my juices on her face when her Master came in. Cherry kissed him deeply greeting him. Her Master smiled down at Cherry and then looked at me. He said my pussy was very sweet indeed! I know that I was blushing terribly! He knew what we had done! He could taste my pussy!.....and I must admit.....I was terribly turned on!

As we left for the evening, Cherry let me know I was to be under her Masters protection, so I had to be extra good and to follow his every direction or that he would have to punish me.......

I shall have to tell you next time why her Master did have to punish me!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Greatest Desire.

I promise to always attempt to please and to serve You. I'll be such a good girl for You and make You proud! My greatest pleasure comes from knowing I've given You pleasure; whether that means serving You sexually, serving others as You direct,or taking any punishment my Sir wishes me to endure, in what ever way you desire. Please allow me to serve You Sir, it would be a great honor.