Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Submissive Phonesex Rest

I guess you noticed that I did take a break. Honestly, I got a little carried away with my desires and thought maybe I had taken them too far. I had never participated in a lot of stuff before I got into being a submissive, (like group sex, slave contests, and lots and lots of bondage and discipline) I wasn't sure how much further it would go, and if I could handle it. 

 But, I've been having dreams... Naughty, erotic, wicked dreams, and I've come to realize that really, I just can't stay away. I need phonesex. I need discipline and punishment. I need to submit. I need to be taught my place and how to serve like the submissive little slut I have always been. 

 So yes, I did try to "run away". And I know I need to make it up to you. I am willing to do what it takes to prove myself once more. When you need a good little submissive girl, please remember that I am here to submit and to serve. Subjugated for your pleasure, Sir.

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