Thursday, April 26, 2012

The watcher....

I had checked him out many times. He was well built and wore leather so delectably. I also knew he watched me. He would boldly stand on his balcony looking straight into my bedroom watching me. He was older by about twenty years. Still.... something about how he held strong and sure. He turned me on with a glance!

A couple days ago Bobby came over and we both were in need of some sexual releases. I knew my neighbor was there watching me, but it didn't stop me. I got onto my hands and knees on my bed, submitting. I was naked and waiting for Bobby to begin. My watcher stood there wearing leather pants and no shirt. He was so hot looking! I watched him as Bobby took of his belt. My watcher rubbed the front of his pants and I could see he was excited.
I cried out as Bobby's belt stuck me across my ass, stinging and warming my flesh and exciting me. His belt stuck several times making me wetter and wetter. He struck my legs several times as well before he shoved his fat cock in my cunt. I was screaming out my orgasm as my watcher shot his load.

Bobby kept right on fucking me. My watcher nodded his head to me and went inside. I had pleased him. Now that was a pleasure!

Friday, April 20, 2012

After class....

I sat staring at my instructor as he droned on over some history noone cared about. I was deep in my fantasy. He asked me to stay after class. I knew he was angery at me because I wasnt paying attention. My little cunt was wet and juciy with need and all I wanted was to cum.
 After everyone left, my instructor instucted me to bend over his desk! I moved slowly wary of what he was going to do! I slowly bent over his desk faceing away from my instructor. He told me not to turn around and that if I did my punishment would be worse! I almost screemed out in panic. I knew why he was punishing me, but he wasnt allowed to punish me like this! Then I felt him pull my short skirt up and my little ruffled panties down to my knees. My little creamy ass was exposed and I knew my instructor could see how wet my panties were too! He seemed to be comtemplating something and then I felt the first of many soild thwacks on my sweet little ass. My instructor was using a yard stick to spank me! I begged him to stop with each stinging swat. I heard him chuckle as he stuck my soft cheeks again. He told me I was getting 100 licks and that I was getting all of them!  My creamy ass was soon cherry red and even though it hurt, I was getting so wet! When at last my insructor reached 100 swats, I heard his pants being unzipped!

Then I woke up out of my class room day dream! ......And my instructor was telling me that I must stay after class!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My first experiment with another girl!

I was hanging out with Cherry (You may know her as Wild Cherry from Nite Flirt!) She and her Master were going to a special club and invited me to go. I had never been to this club before and I was so excited. I always have such fun with Cherry

Cherry was helping me dress....or in this case.... undress for the club! We had just a pedicure and wax. It was a all over wax! I was totally hairless but for my head! My skin felt a bit sore so Cherry took pity on me and rubbed this lovely smelling lotion all over my body, paying special attention to my pussy and tiny asshole.

I was laying face down on this table with my legs spread wide. Her hands felt lovely on my sore skin! So much so my nipples were hard and wanting. When her finger slipped into my little ass I jumped in surprise, but soon found I liked her finger there! She kept massaging and rubbing my ass and the puckered entry making me wet and needy. I moaned allowed and then asked her what she was doing.

That's when I felt Cherry's hot tongue on my clit! She was eating my little pussy ! OMG it was wonderful! I knew Cherry liked girls, but I had never tried it! She kept massaging and rubbing my ass as she licked and sucked my little cunt. Oh but I knew she was going to make me cum! I screamed out in my orgasm and heard Cherry giggling. She told me she couldn’t resist such a fresh pussy and then she and I finished getting dressed for the club!

I wore a thin slip of a dress. It was so short you could almost see my naked pussy.....almost! Cherry said I was not to wear any panties or even a bra. So all I wore was the dress that was hardly even there! Then to match the dress I had a pair of very strappy four inch heels. I felt like a Greek sex goddess.

Cherry still had my juices on her face when her Master came in. Cherry kissed him deeply greeting him. Her Master smiled down at Cherry and then looked at me. He said my pussy was very sweet indeed! I know that I was blushing terribly! He knew what we had done! He could taste my pussy!.....and I must admit.....I was terribly turned on!

As we left for the evening, Cherry let me know I was to be under her Masters protection, so I had to be extra good and to follow his every direction or that he would have to punish me.......

I shall have to tell you next time why her Master did have to punish me!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Greatest Desire.

I promise to always attempt to please and to serve You. I'll be such a good girl for You and make You proud! My greatest pleasure comes from knowing I've given You pleasure; whether that means serving You sexually, serving others as You direct,or taking any punishment my Sir wishes me to endure, in what ever way you desire. Please allow me to serve You Sir, it would be a great honor.