Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Dr's Visit

So I had a Dr.'s visit and I was feeling particularly naughty. I shoved a butt plug in my ass before I went to my visit. My ass is so tight that I could hold the plug in without panties. I wore my shortest skirt and no bra under my little tight t-shirt. The nurse who took me back to see the Dr. had that contemptuous look on her face. I giggled at her sour puss look.

The Dr. wasn't long for coming in and he got a real eye full when he walked in. I could see his cock swelling up as he sat down. I was giggling hard for a moment. When he asked what what was I visiting for I told him....I have something stuck in my ass. So I slipped off the table, turned around, leaned on the table, and pulled my skirt up.....I asked him if he thought he could get it out. I loved it! The shocked look on his face was priceless. Before I could giggle again, he had his dick out and had replaced my butt plug with his dick in my ass! He had my t-shirt pulled up letting my little titties bounce with each of his pounding thrust. I felt his load fill my ass up as he groaned out his pleasure telling me what a whore I was.

I was so pleased! My goal in life is to be a slut any Master would be proud of! Would you be proud to have me?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Applying for the position of Master

I was sitting in my little nightie waiting for a call on Nite Flirt. I had my toys all ready to play. Everyone knows I am looking for a Master who will really fill all my needs. I have several that are actively applying for the position of being my Master. It would not do to have a Master who wasn't happy with his slave or a slave not happy with her Master.
Please know I am not trying to compare each Master, but respecting each Master while I am searching for my perfect Master, as much as I would be his dedicated slave.
So I was trilling my butt plug when the phone rang and it was a rather pleasant Sir. He chatted with me for a while which was nice, but I was hot and horny and didn't really want to chat. I wanted to pound my pussy with that thick dildo I just bought at the toy store. I kept trying to nudge and push Sir in the direction of playing. The Sir on the phone understood this, I would later realize. I am still pouting over this call. *giggles* Its the first time a Master punished me with perfect justice.
He allowed me to fuck my little cunt hard, but said I wasn't allowed to cum. Not yet. Then He had me tease and torture my nipples till I thought I would loose my mind and still he did not allow me to cum. I was enjoying myself very much and couldn't wait to be allowed to cum. For over a hour He had me fucking myself and teasing my nipples and clit. Then He told me to force the butt plug into my ass hard and fast. It hurt some, but OMG. It was all I could do not to cum! Then I heard the Master cumming.....hard. I knew then He was going to let me cum. I just knew he would. He told me to pull out the plug and to put my toys away. I don't think my jaw could have hit the ground any harder. I was shocked. The Master informed me that he was not going to permit my cumming since I had tried so hard to push him into doing what I wanted. He explained, that it is for a Master alone to decide what is permitted and achieved alone; not for a spoiled slave to enjoy her pleasure.
As much as I hated admitting it.....Sir was right. I deserved my punishment. I cant wait till He calls back! Maybe Sir will be forgiving and allow me to cum for His pleasure!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I haven't chosen a Master.

I haven't chosen a Master. I have been enjoying the company of many Sir's looking for just the right one. See I need one that is very special and patient. Some Masters have only one slave or he may have a den of them. I don't know what kind of Master that I want....not yet. So I have been doing this Nite Flirt thing now for little while. I learn so much from the Sirs who call me. I enjoy it loads! No pun intended.
So I got this call last night from a Sir who instructed me to get a paddle and a dildo. He told me to be completely naked and to sit in a chair with my legs spread high and wide letting my legs rest on the chairs arms. This was going to teach me about the pleasure of being very well paddled. I really thought he was going to have me paddle the hell out of my ass ....but that isnt what he did.
He said that I was to start spanking my self in one place ten times starting with one of my ass cheeks firmly, but that it was not to be too hard that it stung me, not yet anyways. After each cluster of ten spanks I was to move on to another spot on my ass, inside my thighs, or my pussy. He told me to begin and that I was not to stop spanking myself until he said so.
After ten minutes my arm burned and I switched hands and continued non stop switching hands as I needed too. After twenty minutes I felt my whole underside being heated. After a half of a hour I was soaking wet with my own juices. I was ready to beg to stop spanking myself so I could use my toy. The Sir only chuckled when I dared to ask him if I could switch to my toy. At forty five minutes I was covered in perspiration and my ass burned as much as my cunt cried out for release. I was begging the Sir to allow me to fuck myself. At last, he allowed me his permission to come as soon as I was able. My dildo had hardly penetrated my cunt before I came so hard my eyes rolled back into my head. I was thanking Sir ever so gratefully when he said that I was to continue to fuck myself steadily until he gave me permission to stop. I was allowed to cum as many times as I could, but I was not to stop fucking myself. I had came twice more at ten minutes. After fifteen I thought I would lose my mind. Then at a half of hour I couldn't stop cumming. My ass and thighs were still burning as much as my clit was swollen and convulsing.
The Sir was chuckling as I begged him to allow me to stop. I was exhausted. Finally he did allow me to stop. OMG I couldn't stand up for the shaking of my body. I was still cumming and my chair was soaked to the point I had a puddle of fluid on it.I loved it and cant wait for Sir to call back!
I sure hope other Sir's call to teach me other lessons that are just a pleasurable!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pleasing my new boss.

My new boss, Mr. Cigam, seems to be fair and kind. He is a little old and he was bald. His voice was soft and gentle. I like him very well. So when he asked me to work after closing last night I said yes. I had all the doors locked and the store closed when he told me to come to his office.
He was doing paper work when I walked in. I let Mr Cigam know I was there. I dont think he hears well at all, him being older and all. He looked up and smiled at me, then he reached over and took my hand and pulled me into his lap. I asked him what he was doing then I felt his hand on my breast. He told me that I had kept his dick hard all day and that I needed to please him! I was shocked! Sweet old Mr. Cigam was a dirty old man!
I started giggling and let him unbutton my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra so he was able to get my nipple in his mouth quickly. MMMmmm Mr. Cigam had a nice tongue! He had his hand slipping under my skirt and past my panties playing with my little pussy before I knew it!
He said he knew I was gonna be a good little girl and let him enjoy my body. And I did! I wanted to please Mr Cigam! I sat on the desk and spread my legs wide letting him taste my sweet cunt. He had me screaming out in a orgasm so quickly! As soon as I came he told me to get on my knees and to suck his cock. I quickly did as he said. His dick was short, but thick so I was deep throating him easily as he pushed my head onto his cock. He told me he was gonna shoot his load soon and that I was not to waste a drop of it! And I didn't, even though his load was huge! He kept cumming and cumming! I swallowed ever drop!
I was giggled when Mr. Cigam said that I would be getting a raise......and that I would be working late nights often!